How Do I Monetize My Facebook Page, TikTok, Audiomack, YouTube and what will it cost me?

Page monetization

I know of a friend we both graduated from the same college, he does music and entertainment business for a living and have been in the game for 8-years, in the first 5-years, he was working more but earning else because he only relied on stage performance and hawking of audio CDs for income, in the remaining 3-years, my friend diversify into releasing his music on digital platforms, monetized all his social media platforms including Facebook, TikTok, audiomack and YouTube and today he’s a changed person who own two fleet of cars and have bought landed properties worth millions. living the luxury lifestyle!

The untold truth is that Monetization is one tough thing to do, but when you finally get it, trust me it pays more than you could ever imagine. This is the reason why most creatives and online entrepreneurs struggle for it and make sure their pages are monetized.

Let me give you an insight about Monetization and why you need it;

A videographer whose page is monetized is hired and paid first by event organizer to film a wedding ceremony, after the occasion, the videographer returns home with the video in a flash and then upload the same video to his Facebook page or YouTube channel and get paid the second time from these platforms. That is a double financing on the same underlying asset. Sound interesting right?. 😊

How is Monetization done?

Monetization can only be possible if you have a Facebook page, Audiomack account, YouTube channel or Tiktok. If you are hearing this for the first time do not worry I will explain how it works and how to get started.

If you cannot do it yourself, We offer this service for a fair price so you can always check the end of this post for contact details.

There are 3 basic steps into Monetization

Monetization requirements

Step 1: The first step into Monetization is meeting all the Requirements. It’s just like applying for a job, the applicant that gets all needed qualifications is accepted to work in the company.

Applying for Monetization

Step 2: the next thing you should to do is submitting your page for approval. After that your monetization is enabled and your page, profile, account or channel is ready to earn when you post something.

Monetization payout

Step 3: at last, you input a bank account or connect the recommended payout means to collect your money.

Simple as ABC! 👍

How to Monetize YouTube Channel / Requirements

As a content creator who want to make money from YouTube, below are the criteria you must meet in order to start earning:-

YouTube monetization requirements
  • 500 active Subscribers
  • at least 3 public videos
  • 3,000 watch time in a year.
  • or 3 million views on short videos

If you’ve gotten these requirements, you are good to go!

As a starter, if probably you could not wait and want all the criteria to complete fast, you can always contact us for it, our timeframe to deliver this service is 24 hours. Alternatively, you can buy already monetized YouTube channel from GalantMedia.

THE COST OF GETTING ALREADY MONETIZED YOUTUBE CHANNEL: is starting from $50, $190, $350 to $1000.

How do I Monetize Audiomack as a musician?


  • Your account must be authenticated
  • You must have at least 100 followers
  • 50,000 streams is required
  • Link your social media

Note: you will damage your account if you try to apply for monetization when necessary setup is not yet done. So if you are not familiar with the process, you can always reach out to GalantMedia for help.

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If you opened the Audiomack account newly and want to monetize it without waiting, we will assist you achieve that (one-time-service-payment-applied).

Below is a screenshot of audio mack account we monetized recently for our customer. The earnings are being processed for withdrawal.

Audiomack Earning Withdrawal

lets move to TikTok

How Do i Monetize my Tiktok account?

You can monetize your TikTok account after you’ve met all criteria that guarantees you approval into their revenue generating program.


  • You must get Atleast 1000 followers to earn on-Live or join ”Work with Artist”
    • This is to enable you go live on the platform, reach out to your fans, discuss and ask them for support, concern followers will always send you gift, the gifts are converted into money and you then withdraw your cash
  • Have atleast 10,000 followers to join creator funds
  • 100,000 video views is also needed

If you get all the requirements, you can start monetization but if you do not have them ready on your account, you can wait until it comes or do you want to buy already monetized tiktok account? Talk to us, we are active!

finally, Let’s talk about Facebook monetization

How Do i Monetize my Facebook Page?

When you follow our Facebook monetization guidelines, your page would be monetized so that you can start making money with it.


  • 60,000 minutes view
  • Upload 5 videos on the page
  • Stay in eligible country or have someone there

Concerning how to monetize Facebook the proper way, our partners have already published an article about it on their platform giving credit back to us [GalantMedia], so and I wont duplicate the information here again. Please, visit this link or you click the button below to continue reading »

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