How to Publish Your Story or Article on NewsPaper, Blogs and Magazines [press release]

newspaper publication

Newspaper publication

This post reveals everything you need to know about Press Release Distribution and How to Publish Your Article on NewsPaper, Blogs and Magazines.

Writing an article for publication is one thing and getting it posted on newspaper is another. Especially in this digital age that informations are likely accessed through the internet it would be of great benefit if your story or article is available online because people can easily find out more about you without waiting to meet you in person. However, getting into news had always been a challenge to not just writers but intending persons seeking for this opportunity, this is why you should bookmark or save this page after now. This post is a handy guide on how to publish an article on newspaper and the cost of making a press release because the service is not just free but affordable.

Before I proceed, let me briefly explain you the benefits of publishing your story or article on newspapers or blog.

The Need for Publishing Your Story on Newspaper, blogs or magazines.

  • Public Awareness: one of the reasons why publication on newspaper is beneficial is because the people are easily informed about something happening either personally or generally around you as well as giving room to public comments.
  • Business Publicity: featuring your success story or content on newspaper is a good marketing strategy for a business man/woman. You can easily attract new customers and get more sales just because you appear on the top headlines.
  • Online Promotion: another reason why you need a press release or publication for yourself or your business is for improving your social media presence. Let’s say for instant, you are a creative entrepreneur, artiste or content creator looking for ways to promote your Facebook and Instagram followers, i can tell you for free that releasing your story or news sources would do the magic.
  • Documentary: you can store a memory of something or a piece of information for future use by writing and publishing them on news platform.

10 Benefits of Press Release for A Musician, Content Creator or Online Entrepreneur

  1. It makes you influential
  2. Press release brings you connection
  3. You will gain more fans and followers’ trust on social media
  4. Having your bio or story posted on the global news paper would stand you out as a public figure
  5. You will be a highly valued person on the digital space and in your locality.
  6. It gives you a feel of celebrity as people could start talking about you.
  7. As a music artiste, press release or publication can boost your streams on Audiomack, Boomplay, Spotify, Apple and other digital platforms.
  8. As a content creator, you are seen as a famous person when your story is online
  9. Companies/brands can reach out to you, endorse and pay you to promote their products on your page
  10. Publishing your story or article will help you in verification of your profiles.

“We Global” the statement is an example of how it feels to be on the news. Below is a screenshot of a congratulatory message by the wife of an internet businessman Awucha Ezekiel after the husband was posted on news link.

Awucha Ezekiel

Incase you don’t understand, I will take out time to show you what a press release or publication looks like. For this I am going to use a job we have delivered to a client as a case study, so continue reading.

GalantMedia Publication Service / Press Release Distribution

As a PR agency, we have delivered series of press release distribution for clients. Below are some of our recent jobs on publication. You may confirm by searching it on Google news page as seen in the screenshots

Press release by Galantmedia
Success Story of Skimmer Isaac, a modelpreneur and creative coach

GalantMedia newspaper publication
Headlines announcing singer Paddoorise’s latest album

Galantmedia press release
Featured profile of an independent vocalist, Malø

The Cost of Publishing on Newspaper

It cost a considerable amount for a successful publication of your story or article on leading newspapers, blogs and magazines. We offer this service for a fair and negotiable price. Our delivery timeframe is between 12 to 24 hours.

We don't delay! unlike other PR agencies! 😊

What details do we need for publication?

  • A piece write ups
  • Your real names,
  • brand identity, logo or picture
    • We will re-write and draft out an authentic storyline suitable for publication, show you first for approval and then proceed to publish it on your desired platform.

Are you ready to publish your story and article or feature your brand on news?

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