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Galantmedia.Com.NG is a media company (website) notable for effective music promotion, business advertisement and structural web design.

We create chances for upcoming artists, business entrepreneurs and other creative minds who are willing to showcase their talents online,  through the process of media uploading, posting, publishing, hyping, running static and dynamic (campaign) adverts to publicize written context, company produce, brand goods and services.

Being a (Music Promotion Company), We try to meet the needs of upcoming artistes and already-known singers by ensuring viral promotion and massive downloads for their music.

Galantmedia NG  is not just a website, its also a brand with workers who are specialised on series of media operations and services listed underneath.

We have good reputations both on internet and in office place, to protect our image, we enable possibilities without risking client jobs.

Our Offers Inclusion and Areas We Work on:
➡ Online Music Promotion
➡ Video Promotion 
➡ Radio / TV Promo
➡ YouTube Channel Setup

➡ Web Design / Blog Development
➡ Content Writing / Internet Marketing
➡ Media Uploading / Publishing

➡ Google Profile
➡ Writing on Wikipedia
➡ Google Web Verification
➡ Business Advertisement
➡ Trending and Hyping
➡ Sponsored Post (social media)

➡ Sound Recording
➡ Audio Mix / Mastering
➡ Mp3 Tag/Voice Settings (for music blog)

➡ Graphics Designs (Artwork, Posters)
➡ Online Registration / Vote Casting
➡ Running Online Campaigns

Above all, we provide manual (guide) and training courses for beginners who are interested in blogging, and also pay attention to those who seek to solve website issues or tackle challenges online.


Contact us: info@galantmedia.com.ng

Tell: +2348135796371

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