About Us

Introducing GalantMedia.

Galantmedia.com.ng is an online media and publishing agency. Our services are dedicated towards helping creatives succeed.

Substantially, we deal on sales of digital assets, building personality online profiles, managing of social media pages for brands, Promotion of music etc.

The brand was founded in 2018 by a southern Nigerian blogger and music promoter “Prince Solomon Marcus” and co-own by web developer Lilremedy James.

Topics we discuss

GalantMedia LLC as a media company is well known in the field of digital services, our area of expertise is listed as follows;

Promotion and Distribution of Music, including Audio & Video on Blogs, TV, News Papers, Social Media, etc.

Publication Service; News-Blogs, Wikipedia, Google etc.

Monetization of Social Media Pages or accounts, this includes Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

Sales of Already Monetized Account, Pages or Channels, this is what we refer to as Digital Assets.

Boosting of Social Media Followers, Streams, Views and upgrading your profile standard as a creative.

Managing of talents like music artist, skit maker or any creative entrepreneur.

Goals of Our MEDIA

As a group of digital experts, what we understand is that; our credibility is earned through your satisfaction per successful service rendered.

We ensure that you are very satisfied with promotion, distribution, advertising & monetization of your account.

We will feature guest and posts that bring you values on our blog section

Continuously improve and deliver the best content.

Carefully handle & secure your digital asset or any online accounts that is being operated at our end.

Incases that your demands are not met after paying for a service, we will consider refund.