The Need for Verified Badge or Blue Tick for You and Your Brand

Verification badge

A verified badge is a check mark or blue tick right beside a profile of a person or business, it is used to separate real accounts from fake ones. Verification of identity is done for so many reasons and I will explain the benefits to your understanding.

Who Deserves a Blue Tick?

Every outstanding person needs a blue tick either for themselves or their brand, these calibre of people includes;

  • Content Creator
  • Music Artiste
  • Label Manager
  • Pastor / Preacher
  • Actor / Actress
  • Digital Marketer
  • Business man/woman
  • Company or Organization etc.

Have you seen this screenshot picture? The Profile/page in verified badge having Blue Tick appears first on the search result before those profiles without verification badge.

Blue tick verification

Importance of Verified Badge / Blue Tick for You and Your Brand

Apart from notifying people that a specific account belongs to you, verification has several other benefits you did not know. After your profile is verified with check mark ✔️

  1. You stand out from the crowd
  2. Your profile would be suggested on public timelines
  3. You are automatically a celebrity
  4. You will be gaining followers
  5. People stand to trust you/your brand
  6. Irrespective of how many accounts are registered under your-name, your page/profile comes out first when people search for you.
  7. New customers or fans are sure that they’re following the real you and not an impersonator.
  8. You are highly respected and valued
  9. You have access to some trial features on social media. For instant Facebook chat support will quickly reply you if you message them with a Verified Page.
  10. If someone elsewhere tries to open an account with your identity, you will be alerted of impersonation and told what to do.

below is a screenshot of what a Verified Facebook page looks like:

Domben pen Facebook page
Verified Domben pen Facebook page

How Much Does it Cost to Get A Verified Badge?

Facebook, Instagram & TikTok verification cost $500

Spotify, Boomplay, Apple & Audiomack cost $80

Twitter (negotiable)

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