How To Make Your First $500 From Digital Platforms As An Artist In Nigeria.

On this very article, I will be writing out a complete guide about how to make your first $500 from digital platforms as a Nigerian artist.

Being a successful musician is not just by releasing music to your fanbase, most established music artists are making money off their songs to pay their bills.

As a singer, songwriter, performing or recording artist, you deserve to be paid for making good music. Gone are the days when music were just done for entertainment, but today, music is business and you can equally earn or upgrade your standard of living with music money if you will apply this sense that I am going to give you in this post.

How to make money from digital platforms as artist

Imagine making $500 from just a song as a promising artist in Nigeria. If you are to convert five hundred dollars into naira that would give you the sum of ₦575,000, that’s big profit.

I know you might think that it is easier said than done, but I want to assure you that when you try this tailored information I’m about to put into writings, you are able to make money as an artist from digital platforms.

First of all, I want to be clear that this method of making money from music work best for musicians with business mindset and not one who waits for something to happen without working for it. I’m being honest because the vast majority of popular artists you see today getting the bags had never waited for luck, they empowered their career.

So, get this straight to your head that the whole music thing is business and to make money off it you need idea, money to experiment it, resources and time.

The principles of music distribution to all platforms or stores was created to help musical-creatives (even upcoming artists) upload songs online and earn income when listeners stream them, these platforms pays per stream or download.

What Is The Best Paying Platform For Musicians In Nigeria?

Apple Music, Audiomack, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Music are among the best platform to sell music in Nigeria. This means that if your song is uploaded on above music streaming apps, you will be paid well.

How Do I Put My Song On Digital Platforms to Earn?

Uploading on platforms is possible through Music distribution companies like Distrokid, Tunecore, Ditto Music etc. You can click here to learn how to put your song on digital platform. Open the link on a new tap and scroll down down the post you will see a complete tutorial on how to do that.

When your music is visible on platforms, you then apply the below technique for possible cash out.

NOTE: the same method can be used to earn upto $1000, $2000, $3000, $10,000 and more if you do it correctly.

How To Make Your First $500 From Digital Platforms.

First of all, consider using one of your best track for this tutorial because good sounds are easily accepted by audience than wack tune. Though, that does not really matter.

We are going to use “Apple-Music” in this case study due to their paying rate per play or stream. Apple Music pay $0.01 each time a song is streamed. if one stream generates $0.01, it therefore means that fifty thousand streams will give you $500.

Mathematically, 0.01 x 50,000 = 500.

So, how do we get this figure printed on your digital platform account or dashboard?


  • Copy your song link from Apple-music by visiting
  • Locate the search box and type in the title of song you want to promote on blog.
  • See the screenshot below for guide. (I search for “Road to Panama
  • Next thing is to hover on the 3 dots (option button) to copy the song link.
  • Click on “SHARE” and ‘Copy Link’ from the dialogue box showing right there.
  • Approach an established Blogger or any Public Relation agency with huge audience like Galant-Media for Special Package Promotion, explain your demand and target which is 50,000 streams.
    • The promoter should then add your Apple-Music link (substitute) at where the download button should appear so that when a user clicks on it they’re refered to the streaming service.
    • Alternatively, the blogger can help embed same link for immediate play on web page of your song.
    • Your music could also be stuck at the top or mid section of the website for ultimate visibility and clicks. This method of promotion for cash out would cost you some money, though affordable if you work with Galant Media. the contact details is added at the end of this article.

With all the techniques above, your digital store account would be loaded with money in short period of time.


Audiomack is paying artist $0.004 for every single stream on a track.

How Artist Make Money from Audiomack
Picture of artist earnings on audiomack.

That photo above shows the total amount of artists’ revenue generated from 200,000 streams, sum of over $800. This means that you will need 125000 streams to earn $500 if calculated.

How To Make $500 on Audiomack as an Artist

  • Create an audiomack account or sign in to your existing profile.
  • Monetize your account
  • Examine your songs and pick out the one that is a hit for this marketing
  • Contact a blogger like Galant~Media for Monetization and Promotion and boosting of streams. the contact details is added at the end of this article, and note that it’s not a free service
  • Post the song link on your fan page
    • It should be where you have plenty audience like Facebook, Instagram or TikTok
  • Another way artists are making money online through having their songs on platforms is that they promote their fan pages for quick notability
    • If you’re famous, streams are be easy to get .


Boomplay is one of the highest paying platform for music artists. With Boomplay you need just 25 streams to cash out $500 into your local bank account. The good news is that boom-play pays ₦20 per stream. So 20 naira multiply by 25 streams is equal to five-hundred-thousand which is equivalent to the current rate of dollar. The above screenshot shows that the musician ‘Shallipopi’ had about 16.6milliom streams on the song titled “Presido La Pluto” and 736.1 thousand streams on “Evil Receive”. Multiplying this figures with N20 naira would amount to very huge money, that is why successful singers are rich and wealthy.

How To Make Money On Boomplay Music

  • First upload your song to Boomplay through distribution companies
    • (Galant_Media offers this service at affordable cost, the contract-details is there below this post)
  • Gather 25 plays from 25 different subscribers in order to earn.
  • Refresh your digital store account balance in 2 or 3 months time to confirm your money.

Kindly note that: Boomplay only pays when a subscribed user plays your music. Infact, if 20 million streams comes from unsubscribed audience you gained nothing, so you must always fight for subscription listeners or fans.

To connect with Galant–Media, call or WhatsApp the following numbers +2348135796371

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