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Investing on Digital Promotions without Monetization is a big career mistake

Most creatives focus just on getting social followers for validation forgetting to monetize their platforms, in the long run they realize popularity without money is a mistake, at some point they feel like quiting. We want you to earn off your efforts.

GalantMedia is an online media agency, we help creatives succeed.

Nobody is coming to save you in the digital space except Galantmedia.


What you should expect from us are; We will help you set up your profile to standard, open all digital platforms account for you, monetize your music and make sure you earn income whenever someone stream your music as well as promoting it to the right audience. This is exactly what the Successful musicians/labels does but they wouldn’t tell you.


We understand the challenge in the content-creation industry, especially when you put in work all day without reaching target or financial benefits, part of galantmedia’s function is; creating an online community for your videos or articles, growing your reach and monetizing your Social Media pages so that you earn and to ensure you are not wasting time creating those amazing videos.


Most people that uses their creative or artistic skills to start and manage their own business faces stagnation as when started newly because no one listened, no one read, no one watched, no one bought, low sales, what you’re lacking is brand visibility and this where galantmedia would perform his function. The honest truth is that having a huge audience will positively impact your sales.

Take for example: an online vendor (A) posted a product on a Facebook group with about 1million members and sold to 10 customers in 24 hours, another vendor (B) posted on his Facebook timeline which has just 5,000 friends and only 2 sales at the end of the day, the difference there is that; vendor-A advertised to wider audience while vendor-B is struggling to get noticed with the smaller audience on timeline.

CUSTOMERS feedback

I remembered working with you in 2019 on my brand visibility and have shared it with all of my friends and colleagues. There’s valuable insight in every of your digital services.

Precious Peters , Founder at Tentacles Film & DeVirgins Skincare

I love your promotion services Galantmedia. For over two years you have promoted my songs, and have successfully implemented a ton of your advice into my music business. Thank you!

Abuh Jacob, Afro-gospel Musician

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