Facebook Monetization in Nigeria – 5 Things you must have to make it work

Facebook Monetization in Nigeria
Facebook Monetization in Nigeria

Great news! Nigerians can now monetize their page to earn income when they post video on Facebook. Making money from Facebook and Instagram was formerly something that can only be done by foreign countries, but now, Facebook monetization in Nigeria is 100% possible.

According to press release made by Meta’s President of Global Affairs whose name is Nick Clegg, he said that Nigerian content creators will be able to get paid off the Instagram and Facebook platform from June 2024. However you can not just celebrate the arrival of this new income stream without doing anything towards it unless you are not willing to cash out from this amazing innovation.

In this post, I will discuss in details about monetization of your account or page and 5 things you must have in place if you truly want to make it work for you.

Preparation for Facebook Monetization in Nigeria

The first thing I will advice you is opening a Facebook page and promote it to 5,000 followers. On my next post I will guide you on how to quickly reach 5k followers on Facebook, but I will do a little explanation about that here. Another thing you must get is dollar account, thirdly should be your TIN, fourth is collaboration, and lastly, niche and consistency.

5 Things you must have to make money on Facebook as Monetization lands Nigeria

(1) CREATE A FACEBOOK PAGE:- you must get a page where you will be uploading your videos and get it to 5000 followers. You can reach this great numbers of fans in a short time by either staging a giveaway on the page or post video that will go viral or pay social media influencers to mention your page on their platforms, isn’t that easy? So do just that. Below is an example of what I mean, this popular influencer (Mc Mbakara) with bigger audience mentioned a smaller business page to the boost their followers. (See screenshot)

(2) OPEN DOLLAR BANK ACCOUNT:- if you want to receive payment from Facebook in Nigeria you need to get a domiciliary account (also called dollar acct). GalantMedia can help you get one from our banking agent in UBA.

Why Do I Need A Dollar Account for Facebook Monetization?: This is because meta pays in dollar currency and if the usual payout settings remains the same as it is done in other eligible country like UK and US that I know, that means; they will not accept input of local bank account so you need a Dom account in Nigeria to make things work out.

(3) REQUEST FOR TIN:- the full meaning is Tax Identification Number and its one of the requirements for monetizing a Facebook page. Fb use it to confirm that you are a citizen of the country and this can be gotten from the the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

Alternatively, you can use utility bill numbers on NEPA bill or contact Galant-Media for quick creation of the TIN.

(4) COLLABORATION:- remember the African adage which says; if you want to go fast go alone but if you wish to go far go together. As a starter, you must collaborate or partner with editor, blogger/promoter like GalantMedia and atleast a camera man if you want succeed as a creative in no time far. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do it all alone, consider if you are shooting a video to post the following day and someone is there editing the one you shot already, won’t that save time and stress? It definitely will.

(5) NICHE:- another thing you must have in place to get paid continuously after monetizing your Facebook account or page is niche. Niche means a comfortable pattern of videos you will be producing, people like it when they know a page for something, be unique so that people will take you serious.

The bottom line: be consistent, post frequently if you want to make a living from Facebook money. Don’t relent and do not succumb to negative comments. Remember, not everything has to make sense in the beginning, focus and give it the best of your time it will all work out. So wake up, collect your money!.

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