Does Changing My Facebook Page Name Affect Monetization in Nigeria?

In-Stream Ads criteria on Facebook monetization

Facebook monetization criteria

Since content creation is the new business model in Nigeria, and the vast majority of social media users have shifted their attention to monetizing Facebook pages and getting paid, there are some precautions you should take or rules to obey to prevent being blocked out from earning. In this post, I will let you understand whether changing your Facebook page name affects monetization or not.

Why people change Facebook page name

There are many reasons why people change their Facebook page name, Most of the content creators in Nigeria change it because they bought the page from someone and they will want their name to be there. Others could do it due to a change of brand name and all of that.

For instance; this is a page I recently sold for my client, ordered for a page with 14,000 followers, and I sold this page with the name “Maryan fans” to him. He now changed it to “M a l 0

Malo artist Ikenna Nwoke

The page was created on December 12, 2022, a year later the client came and bought it and asked me to change the name of the Facebook page to his musical name and I did. You can see the changes from the screenshot above.

So what happens after changing a Facebook page name?

After your changes are approved by Facebook, remember that you can only change the name again in 60 days, which means you have to wait for 2 months before another editing can be done. So be sure about your changes and avoid mistakes.

If I change my page name on Facebook will it affect monetization?

Yes, it would if the page met the monetization criteria on the former name. I have a typical example page I will use for this experiment, you can see it in this picture.

Facebook Page name change history
Prince Marcus blogger tutorial page on Facebook

I created this page officially with the name “Maliha 15422″ and grew it to 5,198 followers.

Professional Dashboard Facebook

After some months I decided to edit the page name from ‘maliha15422 to ‘Prince of Media’ and what happened next? Watch…

  • Before changing the name to Prince-of-Media, I had met all 4 criteria for In-Stream Ads, I was 100% qualified to Monetize the page and there was no issue
Eligibility criteria for In-Stream ads Facebook monetization
Before changes

After Changing the name, unfortunately for me in 24 hours Facebook noticed the editing and I was disqualified mercilessly. The implication is that I can’t monetize the page anymore for now.


  • The green tick beside “You Follow Facebook Content Monetization Policies” was no longer there, it changed to a cancellation symbol ❌✖️
  • “You reside in eligible country” was also affected.
    • if you check the first screenshot I shared ‘before changes’ you will see that all criteria were green-checked but now it’s the opposite.

CAN THE ISSUE BE RESOLVED?: Yes! I later found a way to bring back my green tick on the monetization section and it was qualified again, very okay now.

If you are facing this same issue on your Facebook page and you want to fix the error, please indicate in the comments section or contact Galant-Media on WhatsApp for solution, our phone number is on the “Contact Us” page.

Note: it does not mean that you cannot buy a page and monetize, it’s possible you can do it that way.


It is hundred percent sure that you can buy an already made fb page or get it from someone and apply for monetization in order to earn. The only mistake you should avoid is editing or changing the first name of the page. But if you really want to change the page-name for a purpose and still qualify for monetization, go ahead. If the changes causes any issue like it happened to me, please reach out to GalantMedia for a quick solution.

Good luck!.

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