How to Monetize your Facebook Profile and the Restrictions you’ll Face as a Nigerian

Facebook Profile Monetization
So you can actually monetize your Facebook profile in Nigeria but how about these restrictions?

Facebook monetizing is the new update on how to cash out online and I will tell you for free that it pays more than you can ever imagine provided you follow the rules of monetization. Today I am writing an explanation on why you should not monetize facebook Profile.

We all know that since ever Facebook introduced the system of earning money on videos, many people have actually turned content creators and I am not against it, after all anything for the money is worth doing provided it’s legal. But monetizing your Facebook profile using professional mode is such an amazing yet a disappointing decision.

These are available tools to earn money on Facebook if you monetize your profile, it’s almost exactly like monetizing a page.

Is Profile Monetization the same thing as Page?

You can monetize your profile or Facebook account as long as you follow the Content Monetization Policies but it is advisable to monetize your Facebook page instead of profile.

The requirements for monetizing a Facebook profile or account

To monetize your Facebook account or profile, below are criteria you should meet;

  1. Have 5,000 followers
  2. Get 60,000 minutes view
  3. Upload 5 videos on your account

Those are the criteria if you want to monetize your Facebook profile. But before you can begin the process, you need to switch your account from the normal template to professional mode.

Facebook Profile Professional Mode
Prince Marcus profile on Facebook

How to Change Facebook to Professional Mode

  • Goto your Facebook profile menu and click on the username
  • Click on the three dots after your profile has opened
  • Turn On Professional Mode option will show up on drop-down list
  • Press the “Turn On” blue box
  • That’s it! Your profile now have access to Monetization and can earn money on videos after it is monetized

In a way some people understand, that is how to convert Facebook profile to page. So after that, what next?

Monetization of Facebook Profile and cashing out as a content creator in Nigeria

I have already listed the criteria you should meet in order to monetize Facebook profile or account, so if you’ve got all of them, Facebook would notify you to get started by following the steps to set-up your payout account and start earning but the question is, after making money from my profile, can I withdraw? This is where the pitfalls begins.

Restrictions you will face after Monetizing your Facebook Profile in Nigeria

  • Invalid Payout Account: the first error you will encounter is payout-settings, this will happen because Nigeria is not eligible for Facebook monetization and your profile might be cancelled or sent to blacklist at anytime.
  • Withdrawing Your Earnings Is A Problem: Facebook can forfeit your money that is; you won’t be paid because of ineligibility. The bank account details you provided during request for monetization could be accepted but how about the tax identification number TIN? invalid. I have a valid T!N which was issued for me by Nigerian government sector I tried using it but the stuff didn’t work out, I realized that it won’t because Nigeria is not on the list of valid country yet when it comes to Facebook Monetization.

So what’s the way forward?: If your profile is already in Nigeria and you have started earning and probably you have reached the payment threshold which is $100, hand over your Facebook account to a trusted foreigner in eligible-country and ask the person to login from there and cash out the money for you. You can message GalantMedia for help and note that one-time-service charges may apply.

Another thing is: instead of fulling your head with lots of expectations that you are going to cash out after monetizing your Facebook profile, why not channel the energy into a Facebook page rather than investing on something you will later not gain from?. Open a Facebook page, ask your friends to follow, get upto 5,000, meet other criteria and monetize the page with an agent in eligible country. It’s better that way.

How to get an agent or admin from Eligible Country to monetize my facebook page

Take advantage of your friend, family member or trusted organization who is living in or operating from the valid regions that permits Facebook monetization. We can do it fast, GalantMedia have an agent/admin team in the United Kingdom, we will get your page monetized in couple of days or weeks. you can always reach out to us on WhatsApp.


Does getting a domiciliary account help in Facebook monetization in Nigeria?

Yes if it’s about opening a dollar account so that you can receive money from Facebook, the decision is very okay but the money would be sent across to you by a representative from one of the eligible country who is in charge of your page. Facebook cannot pay directly into your dollar bank account because Nigeria is not qualified.

Can I Input My Dollar Account Details When Monetizing My Facebook Profile?

It would have work if Nigerian was eligible country but it’s sad that the country is not yet on the list of Monetize-enable countries. So even if you have a dollar-account, you can’t use it for both in the aspect of monetizing your profile and page. It is always the eligible-country admin bank account that is put there with his or her valid TIN.

Should I Forget About Facebook Monetization and Content Creation because I don’t have connections ?

You can still monetize even when you have nobody outside Nigeria. This is possible with GalantMedia. You can talk to us on WhatsApp. We help creatives succeed in the digital space.

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