How to Promote Your Songs without Spending Money

How to promote music for free

Someone asked me, where can i promote my song for free because he’s alone musician and does not have supporter to help and push his music career, no record label yet but he’s very talented at singing and very committed one. Promoting your music as an independent artiste is not easy. Infact, becoming a successful artist is not a bed of roses, you must be ready to spend some money and in cases that you don’t have the cash to promote, your songs will not be heard anywhere and you can imagine how frustrating it is. Today I will be writing on the topic: how to promote your songs without spending money. So if you are fortunate to land on this blog post, read in lines and follow me.

Free Music Promotion and what it means

Free music promotion literally means not spending a dime on a song but you are able to boost the visibility and awareness, it is the method in which your music gets into people’s ear and sometimes become popular without investing money. If you are a low budget music artiste, this would be very interesting and helpful for your career as it goes till you are able or ready to pay big money for music promotion like superstars do or possibly get signed into a record label.



free distribution platform
free distribution platform

You can promote your song, EP or album absolutely free by uploading them on digital platforms using a free music distributor that does not charge shi shi. These services will send your musical project to stores for Zero fee without asking you to pay now or later. Example of such platforms are Routenote. See screenshot below:-

Routenote free distribution

Alternatively, you can make use of AMUSE, they also offer free music promotion to their users, I have written a post previously on how one can use Amuse for distribution. In cases you cannot follow the steps involved, you may contact the administrator of this blog [Galant Media] on WhatsApp to help you out and be informed that it’s a paid service because you’ll definitely buy our time.

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2) PUBLISH ON FREE MUSIC PORTALS: Another means of promoting a song without investing money is by publishing on free music websites like SoundCloud, Naijapals, ReverbNation, Audiomack etc.

Let’s talk about the benefit of some of these portals:-

  • Soundcloud: with about 130 million audience using the platform, if your song is published there, it would get to millions of the fans provided your musical content matches their interest or let me say if you sing good you may even earn fanbase from there. See the picture below, the first artist “Jack Harlow” received over 4 million streams on the song ‘Lovin On Me’, the second track hit 12 million plays and both is listed as Trending tracks on SoundCloud so let’s assume this was you.
  • Audiomack:- as one of the free music promotion portal that allows streaming and downloading of songs. This music app gained over 19 million audience and 5million daily listeners that will play your music or album. Audiomack will show your talent to the world and will not charge you 1 Kobo.
  • Naijapals: one of the oldest Nigerian music and video website offered for free promotion of worldwide creative’s contents and files.

3) SHARE YOUR MUSIC TO FACEBOOK GROUPS AND PAGES: There are groups on social media like Facebook created and dedicated to promoting independent music artistes.

Facebook groups
Facebook groups for music promotion

As a low budget or broke musician that is expecting to succeed, join many fb groups and follow pages that support the growth of upcoming artists. Whenever you release a new song, first upload it to one of the website listed above or audiomack and share the link to the groups you have joined. You can make a deep research to discover bigger Facebook communities that has up to a million members or more. Understand that, the more the audience, the higher chances you get to be known.

4) POST YOUR SONG ON WHATSAPP STATUS: This is the most easy-access medium to promote your song for free as a music artiste who does not have money for paid promotion. Immediately your new track is out of the studio, announce it to your followers by posting on WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp status
Galantmedia (gm) WhatsApp status

The above screenshot shows a WhatsApp-status of 3K views, if this was your account or your music-link was attached to the post, it means that the track has reached three thousand listeners or slightly less.

At first, you need to build connection with your contacts. Sometimes, send out broadcast messages with your stream-link but do it with caution because not everybody tolerates spamming their DMs.

5) UPLOAD AS TIKTOK SOUND: The video viewing platform, TikTok has helped several musicians attain success in the internet age. With tik-tok, your music career will move forward in a matter of time. The amazing thing is that TikTok is free to use by all users. As a singer looking for ways to promote your music for free, all you need to do is to upload your song to the platform and ask people to “use this sound” and make video with it. See screenshot below:-

tiktok sound skelvin only hope

Skelvin as a case study, released a song titled ‘Only Hope’, he later uploaded the track to TikTok and he eventually got 32K posts from different people (Music fans). So TikTok is another pretty place to promote your music free of charge.


Free Music Promotion is the shortest cut in the trial time of a lower-class artist who is striving to reach a new musical audience at a particular time. The overall concept of music promotion involves activities and techniques to boost the impressions, attention, and marketing of music. Many A-List artists today started from free to paid music promotion. My point is that neglecting promotion due to lack of money is a lazy practice, it is better that you don’t make a track at all than to dump it on your device like a trash, go and try out my guide and thanks me later.

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