What is Shallipopi Net Worth? Financial Assets and the Secret to his Wealth

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Shallipopi is one of the successful and rich music artist from Nigeria. He pride his arrival as the first president of Pluto planet in the Nigeria music industry. Shalli popi became popular through TikTok for his viral song which portion of the lyrics reads “…all this Elon Musk boys para dey body, btc dey body, money dy body,….” . You may listen to the track below.

Leaving industry packaging out of this, you should incline to the unbelievable fact that the song ‘Elon Musk’ by Shallipopi was inspired by the influence of internet fraud often referred to as ‘Yahoo’ because the message conveyed from the entry to the outro of the song glorifies cybercrime.

SHALLIPOPI BIOGRAPHY: Crown Uzama known famously by his stage name ‘Shallipopi otherwise called Pluto presido is a 27 year old recording and performing singer, songwriter, dancer and TikTok superstar who hails from Edo state, Nigeria. He was born on 12 April 1996, the artist has a unique expression of his thoughts in music that is undeniably relatable especially to the Nigerian youths, Shallipopi termed his fanbase #Plutomania and made them believe that there’s ‘Evian’ which means Juju.

Plutomania popi disclosed in an interview that he comes from a family where Evian (ju-ju) is being practiced and also boasted that they’re the king makers. Audience are being judgemental about his claims.

Shallipopi evian
Shallipopi, Photo credit: Twitter.

IS SHALLIPOPI A YAHOO BOY?: Shallipopi is a one time suspected fraudster, he was arrested by the zonal officers of economic and financial crime commission [EFCC]. The artist was caught with 31 other working boys and four girls in a hotel room where they were lodging in Kaduna. Recall that the self acclaimed pluto-presido had released his viral song ‘elon-musk’ before he was apprehended by EFCC. This happened in May, 2023. After the incident, he proceeded to releasing another hit song that went into the airways within hours which he titled “Ex Convict”, meaning that he was once a prisoner.


Shallipopi net worth is estimated to be $250K dollars, the value in Nigerian currency is equivalent to ₦308 million naira.

Shallipopi net worth
Net worth of Shallipopi, chipper cash app

The above graphic photo shows the net worth of Shallipopi in figures, the calculation was done by adding only known assets and physical belongings of the artist, these include financial investments, monetary deposits, and any ownership interest that he has like a car, house, and other relevant property.

Shallipopi’s Source of Income

Crown Uzama best known as Shallipopi is a rich Nigerian music export and craftsman who makes money from endorsements, songwriting, voice-over, singing, sales of music on digital platforms and live performance.

How Much Does Shallipopi Earns Per Song?

Shallipopi earnings
Shallipopi audiomack streams

Considering how much of an impact the singer had created in the Nigeria music industry, Shallipopi is probably earning $48,000 dollars per song which is amounting to ₦57.6 million naira. The total streams on his ultimately viral song “Elon Musk” on Audiomack was about 16million plays and coming to check how much the platform pays an artist each streaming which is $0.003, when you multiply this figure by sixteen million, there you will get the exactly what Shallipopi earns per song.

SHALLIPOPI NEW CAR TESLA: The trending Nigeria rap and pop star Shallipopi refers to himself as Tesla Kid, Shalipopi made headlines in October of last year when he pulled out millions of Naira to buy a brand new Mercedes-Benz SUV (GLE). A video that went viral on the internet showed Shalipopi and his buddies rejoicing at the arrival of the fancy car. It was shot at the exact moment of its arrival. The cost of Shallipopi’s car is $163,055, that is ₦194million naira. Such luxury motors are often acquired by wealthy men.!

Shallipopi car Benz GLE
Shallipopi car Benz GLE


Shallipopi has invariably been imbued with unknown possessions that are secretly generating money into his account, other future investment of the superstar could be landed properties or real estate.

SHALLIPOPI’S FINANCIAL ASSETS: As a well-established musician who is still gaining momentum, Shallipopi became the first Nigerian artist to buy an iPhone 15 pro max, this asset goes for ₦1.18 million. Again, the ‘Ex-convict’ crooner boasts of 230 million naira wristwatch, not neglecting his recently acquired multimillion whip. Shallipopi is on the list of richest Nigerian artists at the time this article was published.

BOTTOM LINE: the surprising rise to prominence of Shallipopi has contributed a big way in boosting Shallipopi’s net worth and the overall success of his career. Several great deals including his signing with Dvpper Music, which is one of the leading independent labels in Nigeria. Apart from the financial benefits he’s having for his popularity, Shallipopi enjoys creative freedom, artistic support, and global exposure with his management. You shouldn’t forget the fact that Nigerian singer and songwriter Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, known professionally as Wizkid was part of Shallipopi’s success story for unexpectedly reposting one of the soaring star’s music on his social media page.

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