Between Distrokid, Tunecore and Ditto: Which is the Best Music Distribution Platforms

Distrokid Tunecore Dittomusic

Music Distribution and making money online by music artists using streams has been made easy through the use of Digital Platforms in the 21st century. With emergency of digital stores, Distrokid, Tunecore and DittoMusic are among the most used platforms for uploading to get paid for musicians.

What is Music Distribution?

This is the process of uploading your song or album to digital platforms like TikTok, Boomplay, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Audiomack and other streaming apps with aim to get paid per stream.

Digital Platforms pays musicians for every song and album they upload

Before I proceed, let me discuss briefly the benefits of getting your song distributed on digital stores (explained below)

Importance of Music Distribution & Uploading On Digital Stores

» Synced Lyrics In Apple Music:- most music distribution platforms lets you upload full lyrics of a song and display it to fans, with that they would sing along while they stream or play your track.

Which is the Best Music Distribution Platforms

Popular Music Streaming App like Boomplay offers this as part of benefit to its’ registered users.

» Daily Streaming Stats:- After Distributing your song to digital platforms, every artist is able to view and analyze numbers of streams he/she have gotten on each track. Below is a sample of collective reports on a song which was distributed on platforms.

» Customizable Label Name:- You have the right to say which recording company you belong or the cooperation that your track(s) is released under.

» Customizable Release Date:- Best music distribution company would allow an artist to schedule the particular day and time their music should be out on all stores. This means that; if your song was initially slated to drop on 21st November but you want it earlier than than, there’s a way you can get it ready before that default date.

» Customizable Preorder Date:- Some musicians who are much concerned about fans expectations have to options to issue and enable a direct link to where their song or album and presents to audience.

» Customizable iTunes Pricing:- Setting a cost price for a track you just release is available when your song is being sent to music distribution platforms. For example, Amazon sells at $0.99 per purchase, you can as well high the cost to $1.99 or $2. But the secret there is, an artist selling at bare minimum ($0,99) would make much more sales than those who sales at ($2).

» Mobile App Access:- Your song would be accessed on music streaming apps like Audiomack, Boomplay, iTunes and others after it being put on digital platforms.

The vast majority of Nigerian upcoming artist have been bothered about which is the best music distribution company they could use for music marketing.

on this article, we are going to list out and discuss on the Best Music Distribution Platforms in Nigeria and diasporas

Types of Music Distributors

  • ONErpm
  • CD-baby
  • Afrotunes
  • Ingrooves
  • United Masters
  • Tunecore
  • Distrokid
  • Ditto Music
  • Landr etc.

Top Music Distribution Companies

Distrokid, Tunecore and Ditto are the top recommended distribution company for artists in these context. They’re fast, easy, reliable and affordable distributors.

Which is the Best Between Distrokid, Tunecore and DittoMusic?

DistrokidTunecoreDitto Music
Uploads To Streaming ServicesUploads To Streaming ServicesUploads To Streaming Services
Cost $22.99 yearly Subscription$14.99/year$12/year
Distribute to Over 150 stores Over 150Over 200
Takes 5 to 7 Business days to upload2 to 5 days10 days
Report sales after 3 months
Sync Lyrics on iTunesDoes not sync lyricsManually sync lyrics on Apple Music
Distribute to Audiomack
Automatic pre-order link
You can withdraw earning from $2 Varies with payout methodAny Amount from $0.01
Collect 20 Percent off your royaltiesDoes not take any percentageDoes not take any percentage
Charts for distribution companies and their features

Is Distrokid the best music distribution company?

Distrokid is an independent digital music distributor and one of the best service with many nice features for artist looking to sell their songs online and make profit off music business. It’s one of the oldest platform just like CD Baby, tunecore and Bandcamp. Distro came into existence since 2013.

Why Is Tunecore Better Than Distrokid?

Tunecore on the other hand offers a better option in terms of pricing, this company charges less starting at $14.99 to distribute a song for 1year whereas Distrokid takes $22.99 annually.

Ditto Music As the Best Music Distribution Company

Ditto Music is a great distribution service as they render the cheapest plan for music artists. Musicians Plan starts from $12 and valid for a year and you are given a 30 days trial which means you can upload unlimited music for a month before you start paying for distributions.

Some of the biggest artists in the industry like Ed Sheeran, Dave and Sam Smith started their careers at DittoMusic.

As an independent artist, you deserve to sell your music with the best distributors that keeps 100% of your revenue from digital stores for possible cash out.

How To Upload Music On Digital Platforms And Get Money

Getting your song online and earning money from it is done through distribution company.

On this guide, we would use DittoMusic Service for teaching. If you are not wise or cannot follow the step by step method correctly, you can contact Galant-Media for help (paid service), check the end of this post for contact details. Follow the procedure below to upload your first track on digital stores:-

Step1: Visit link

How To Upload Music On Digital Platforms And Get Money

Step2: Fill in the form with your details.

  • Email (e.g [email protected])
  • Password
    • (mix up capital, small letters, numbers, symbols for higher level security) something like 849583@VmKuIOpzrM)
    • Copy and paste the password on note, or save it somewhere in your device incase you forget.
    • Tick the 3 boxes (starting from “keep me upto date…” To where you see “i have read and agree to DittoMusic blabla blah…”
  • Confirm your details are correct before proceeding.

Step3: Sign Up

  • Click on sign-up and allow it to load the next screenshot.
  • Verify Email
    • you will receive a mail from dittomusic after some seconds or in a minute time, [Thanks for signing up to Ditto Music. Please verify your email address]. open it and click on ‘verification button’ or copy the link that you see in the message, enter it on a browser and load. Immediately it’s done you’ll be prompted that “your email address has been verified successfully”.

Step4: Release A Song

How to upload on digital stores
  • Login to your DittoMusic account and Hit the “Create New” under the standard release menu
  • After that, write or type in the title of your song, EP or Album
    • Fill other text area like ‘Production Holder’, ‘Year’, etc.
    • Copyright Holder should be your real name as shown in the screenshot below
How To Upload Music On Digital Platforms And Get Money
  • Scroll down and Create a ‘plan artist’ to release under (this must be your stage name).
  • Upload Artwork for the track you’re releasing
    • make sure your art follows requirements
  • Select Genres (primary and secondary)
  • Leave the language to default settings (English America)
  • Click on “NEXT”
  • Under ‘Tracks And Metadata’ upload the song file (.mp3)
  • Scroll down down and Mark or tick the checklist to agree with terms and conditions of dittomusic release
  • Click ‘NEXT’ and proceed to Rélease Date
    • Don’t change anything here, leave the Specific Date as default
    • If you want your song to appear on digital platforms as soon as possible earlier than the normal 10 days delivery, you’ll have to pay an outstanding fee of $25.
  • Go down and press ‘NEXT’
  • Under Track Pricing, select How much you would like to charge for each track when users stream or buy, make choices between [Low, Medium, High]
  • Scroll-down and click ““SELECT SUBSCRIPTION” SUBSCRIPTION”

Then you will get the below result if you’ve followed every step correctly.

  • On the SUBSCRIPTION PAGE, select a plan, the smallest package goes for $12 for 1 artist. The next package goes for $19 for 2 musician. Finally the last plan cost $45 and it is the best for record labels because it allows five or more artist to upload songs at any given time.

NOTE: All subscriptions are valid for a year and they are renewable.

Step5: Pay and Distribute

  • In order to distribute your music, you have to select payment options, whether to pay through PayPal or with Card.
    • You must have a working PayPal account if you choose to pay-with-paypal
    • Apparently, you can use an active Mastercard ATM to do this.
  • After entering your payment details, click on PAY. You will receive a notification on the screen that your order was successful and your song is distributed to all digital platforms.

Remember that: DittoMusic takes 7 to 10 working days to deliver songs to streaming services and return smart link to your email. So stay alert.

WARNING ⚠️ If you cannot follow up this tutorial exactly as instructed and need an assistant or PR agency, [not Free Service] contact Galant Media on WhatsApp with the following numbers +2348135796371.

Email: [email protected]


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