How To Distribute My Music For Free to All Platforms without Annual Fee on Amuse

This post would teach you step by step procedures on how To Distribute your Music to digital platforms For Free of charge using Amuse service.

How To Distribute Music For Free on digital platforms
How To Distribute My Music For Free to All Platforms without Annual Fee on Amuse

Distributing a song to all platforms is the aim of every music artist who wish to make money online through streams they got from listeners. Digital Platforms like TikTok, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Audiomack, Apple music etc only officially publish songs, EP and album sent to them via distribution company and these services normally demand fee to successful uploading.

Tunecore for instance would deliver your track or album to all platforms at the cost of $14 or more, Distrokid on the other hand charges $22+ for a starter plan, Ditto Music takes $12 flat rate to submit your song on digital stores for a single or independent artist, whereas CDBaby release a track or project for just $9.99. So each music distribution company pricing vary differently with terms and conditions.

In the wake of advance technology and monetary demands for career push, some groups of experience developers have come together to make things cheaper and economical for independent musicians who could not afford to pay for premium distribution. Now, any singer is discoverable on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Music, Apple-Music, Boomplay and all of that stores with the help of free music distribution companies.

Top 10 Free Music Distribution Platforms

Despite having appreciating numbers of paid distribution services around the net, we still have those who doesn’t collect a dime for putting music on digital-platforms. Below are free music distribution platforms that allows you to upload your music to all platforms for free to all platforms without annual fee or monthly subscription.

  1. ONERpm
  2. United Masters
  3. Routenote
  4. AfroTunes
  5. Unchained Music
  6. Indiefy
  7. Amuse
  8. Vibeable
  9. Music Gateway
  10. A.w.a.L

ONERPM:- one of the oldest sound distribution service came into existence in the year 2010, they have physical offices in about 28 nations around the world, this corporation gets your song on all platform absolutely free and keep 15% off your royalties for themselves.

UNITED MASTERS:- Founded in 2017 by a U.S born entrepreneur and music creative called Steve Stoute. The company will collect 10% from your total money earned from digital platforms if you use them to upload song to stores.

ROUTENOTE:- Talk of free music monetization, Routenote is great at that. This distribution company arrived in 2007 to help artists freely upload and get paid for their songs through streaming apps, route-note takes only 15% from revenue singers accumulate.

AFROTUNES:– African owned company which allows artists to monetize songs by uploading to all platforms and make money without paying for distribution. AfroTunes digital happens to be the least authority service in the industry of music marketing. Musicians who does not have money to pay for distribution can use afrotunes-digital to release songs for free any day.

UNCHAINED-MUSIC:- is one of the leading free music distribution platform birthed by Matt Waters. Unchained~Music does not charge artist to upload and distribute music and they cut 15% of royalties earned by the artist from every app.

INDIEFY:- this platform that uploads song for free was launched in Mexico in the year 2016. Just like many other services, indiefy will charge you 15 percentage after they’ve collected all your earnings from different stores.

AMUSE:- is worldwide music distribution platform that permits music artists to upload and distribute music for free. Roshi Motman is the chief executive officer of this corporation, 15% is their percentage cut from total money artist will make after successful monetization.

VIBEABLE:- Is another reputable plug for free distribution of music. It was created in 2010, an independent artist without budget can put his or her music online for free through this company.

MUSIC GATEWAY:- offers every recording artist a free publishing and distribution of song to all digital store. Music-gateway was founded in 2011 by sounds mogul Jon Skinner, what makes it different from other distributional firm is that they pay artists complete royalties collected from all stores without taking any cut.

A.W.A.L:- is a free music distribution alternative and publisher founded by an entrepreneur whose name is Denzyl Feigelson in 1997. This enterprise takes 15% share of revenue that they collect for musicians.

How Do i Distribute My Music For Free to All Platforms as an Artist?

The fast way to send music to all platforms without paying shi shi is done through Amuse. While they offer unlimited uploads for indie artists with selective stores, they also have customized and Pro packages for advanced artists as well.

How To Upload Music On Amuse

  • Goto and “Sign Up” for a free account.
  • Enter your email in the box provided and hit the ‘SIGN-UP-WITH-EMAIL’ button
    • You will need to type in the name of an artist (if song is already on Spotify) but if not, proceed to creating new artist.
  • Click on ‘Create New Release’
    • Before you submit your release, make sure your artwork and song matches the requirements as stated in the screenshot else your release will be rejected
    • Galant Media design fantastic cover arts that suit for distribution without complain or rejection by platforms, the contact details is added at the end of this article.
  • Fill in the details of the track you want to send to stores, these includes; Title of song, record label, genre, lyrics language and cover artist.
  • Scroll down to the bottom right corner of your screen and click ‘NEXT’
  • Under tracklist interface, you need to either drag and drop a song or tab on the space pointed with red arrow to upload.
    • Remember that; Amuse only accept uploading in (wav) extension, so if your song is initially .mp3 format, look for means to change it to .WAV. [Galantmedia offer this service at a costless price] the contact info as added at the end of this post.
  • Next, you have to edit the track informations, so click on “Add Details
  • Follow the screenshot below and do the same check boxes. Then click save. Don’t change or edit the ISRC.
  • Under ‘Split’ section, type in the songwriter (s) and click next.
  • Under ‘Delivery Option’ you are permitted to choose which platform you want your song to be delivered to. By default, Amuse distribution service uploads to 23 music stores but on this post, we selected only 16 because it’s a free and limited offer. The good thing is that despite being free and less valued distribution, your track would still be accessible in all countries.
  • * You can decide your release date but that would cost you some money..
  • Selecting stores like TikTok, Instagram or Facebook would ask you to upgrade your standard release with a fee attached, but we are running totally free for this let’s see how it works with amuse.
  • Any premium feature you click on the interface is going to bring out subscription packages, so be careful when filling your release for free distribution.
  • Finalize your release by ticking the agreement checkbox “I am completely sure I want to release music”
  • Submit your song or album for review by pressing “RELEASE
  • At the end of the day, you’ll be served with an interface looking like below screenshot if you follow every step correctly.
  • That’s all!. Wait for 4weeks your song or EP or album would appear live on all digital platforms.

To connect with Galant–Media for help or enquiry, call or WhatsApp the following numbers +2348135796371. NOTE; we don’t offer free service, business talk only.

How to know how much you have earned on Amuse

  • Login to your account and goto wallet click on “Wallet” at the head section of the website
  • Balance is initially $0, if artist makes money via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, apple music or any store, the royalties will surely top up on balance afterwards.
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