Our Advertising Campaign Proposal for Business Owners

Advertising Campaign Proposal
Sponsored Ad Campaign

Advertising Campaign Proposal prepared by GalantMedia

Having been worked in the Digital Space for 7 years, We understand the frustrations that brand owners may face regularly. If you are like other marketing directors, you are very likely to face the continuing challenge of trying to determine how to Boost Your Sales online and maximize your return of Investment (ROI). We have some information that you should find appealing.

GalantMedia is an online advertising firm with a simple mission: to help brands and creatives thrive. With Overall 7 years of Digital experience, we bring a track record of success to the table. our goal is clear – to boost the success of brands through effective online advertising strategies.
As an advertising agency, GalantMedia Inc. has been providing advertising services to businesses and companies like yours for more than 4 years. We thoroughly understand the needs of Marketing in our locale and know how to provide the best services for you.

We are justifiably proud of our record of providing highly rated customer services, with an equally responsive 24-hour turnaround time on almost every request. With a dedicated team, we run Advertising services to help companies grow online and scale up financial record in a short period.

We have 4 customizable options that we would love to provide for you

[1] FACEBOOK SPONSORED ADS: With this method of advertising package, Galant Media would showcase your company’s product/services to the world through Facebook community, create positive publicity that reach your target audience. We will also give engaging internal Public Relations support to help your audience gain the trust and understand your business’s terms so they can place an order even online without fear of losing their money. This is exact method of Advertising that popular brands like JUMIA, Konga & Jiji used and they have evidentiary gotten fastest growth rates in marketplace revenue and gross profit.

[2] GOOGLE SPONSORED ADS: Research has it that about 8.5 billion people uses Google search engine in a day, so having your business products or services advertised on the platform would be profitable idea. Take a look at this screenshot below

Google Ad
Google Ads

The user searched for “Where to Buy Redmi in Nigeria” and the exact Shop where this model of phone is being sold pop-out. The honest truth is that the Product-List didn’t just came up there naturally, but it is the end result of Advertisement (which we referred to as Sponsored Ads).

[3] INSTAGRAM SPONSORED ADS: Just like Facebook Advertising, Instagram is another medium we use when it comes to Advertising a Business or Company’s Products/Services. Here, we set a budget for the Sponsored Ads campaign and target audience who are likely to buy your products or hire your service, we make the Advert run for a while for it to gain tractions and dominate people’s timeline.

[4] WEBSITES SPONSORED ADS: We have partnered several high traffic websites in the blog industry. These web publishers are always ready to place an advert for your business or company.

website ads
Banner Ad Placement on website

In this method of Advertising, we use a graphic design that clearly shows your sale’s product or services, corresponding descriptive and action button text on the flyer.


With Sponsored Advertisement, Galant-Media is able to show your business-products or services to millions of people online that will likely Buy your Product or Hire your service and not just advertising to the people around your office place or locality.

Our experience shows that there are approximately 42 million Facebook users in Nigeria, accounting for 18.5 percent of the population in the country. For that, We will display your market product/services to these 42 million people on Facebook community, and that is why Advertising Online is highly recommended for product-selling companies and service-rendering brands.

– A comprehensive Video of your Office Place, Products or Services
– A Descriptive Voice over (detailing the content of your video)
We usually prepare this kind of video for our clients (incase they are unable to produce it).

Working with GalantMedia can lead to a significant boost in your sales income as well as your company’s exposure with consistent advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Without exaggeration, we have handled an advertising deal worth 3.5 Million naira in just 2023 for a brand in Port Harcourt and Lagos Nigeria and the project is still ongoing. I propose that choosing us for your Company’s Advertisement is the best decision you would ever make today.

Estimations of Ad Cost for Sponsored Ads campaign on all of the medium mentioned would be discussed with you when you contact us.


Let’s work!

We are looking forward to doing business.

Prince Marcus,
CEO GalantMedia.

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