How to Get Organic Streams for your Music: Real Plays, Not Fake or bot

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How to Get Organic Streams for your Music: Real Plays, Not Fake or bot

Let me quickly update you on how to get real streams for your music on all digital platforms and download sites. This article is classified under our publicity category and for that I am going to apply our premium digital music promotion strategy in the context.

What is Organic Stream in music promotion?

Organic stream is a human or real stream count on a song, album or podcast. Inorganic streams are those fake ones, they are often called bot in the digital terms. Organic streams are gotten authentically by musicians whereas inorganic streams are always manipulated or gotten by illegal means. To cut the long story short, those streams a music artiste get through the fans is what is considered as organic streams.

Does Fake Streams Help In Promotion?

Using fake streams to promote your song or podcast is only helpful when you want something urgent or focus just on the number of streams you want to get maybe for show off. Many celebrity musicians on their journey to fame have used method, buying streams for attention just to entice audience to listen to their song. This practice is very cheap and easy to achieve compare to the real and natural promotion which is expensive. The process of getting quick streams is called “Stream Farming”, I will write about that on my next article.

Organic Stream vs Fake Streams; which one can i get fast?

To be honest with you, inorganic streams or fake streams come faster than organic one. Meaning that you can drop a song or podcast today and decide that you want 900 million streams for it today and it happens urgently. In the other hand, to get real streams you must be a patience dog.

Where To Buy Fake Streams

Funny enough, it’s not free! Even when they’re not real, you still gotta invest some money to get them in place. So how can you get streams fast without stress?

  • You can buy streams through smm websites
  • As an artist or podcaster who is hungry for urgent visibility, you can get quick or fake streams using one-ip streaming repetition technique

If you can’t do it and you need help, contact Galantmedia Digitals.

How to Get Organic Streams for your Music or podcast

We have 3 customizable options for you, with this, you will get any amount of streams you desire and trust me it is 100 percent natural and real streams. The ultimate solution to getting organic streams are:-

Press Release for music promotion
Music Press release story on news paper blog

1. A Press Release Must Be Made: this means that the song/album must be announced on leading news platforms for awareness and possible streams by audience

  • this service cost 130K each publication.
Nigeria Music blogs

2. Feature on several major music websites: This means that we need to post the song/album on well known websites that have enough viewers in the country and across Africa. The viewers of this website will now stream the song and it will count on your platform.

  • this service goes for 300K
Sponsor ads promotion

3. Sponsor ads on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp groups: This means that we will run a viral advert on social media for the song/album so it would reach plenty users and listeners.

  • this service cost 100K each platform

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